In 1998, God gave me a melody and a song.                                   

Thousands — in over 90 countries — have listened.                                              

Hear God’s song of the harvest.

Mount Zion Worship Center

In 1979, the Lord began to speak into my life and gave me profound truths and promises which He has supported by His Word. In 1980, I received a vision from the Lord of a “mountain of a building.” It captured my life for several months and finally I had to release it from my mind. I did, in fact, forget about it for over 18 years. Then in 1999, I was reminded of my supernatural vision and shared it with my wife Sheila. After intense prayer and several research investigations, I was once again overwhelmed with project and in the year of 2000, I built the model you see here. Few people realize that God has promised such a place in the last days for the preparation of His bride. – David Magiera

Mt. Zion Brochure 1


“And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.”

Isaiah 2:2 (KJV)

Mt. Zion Manifesto

By David Magiera

A comprehensive presentation of the Mt. Zion vision with Scripture mandates and God’s plan for the harvest. This is a large format brochure: 49″ x 10.5″

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Jewels For The Harvest Cover

Jewels For The harvest

By David Magiera – 20 pages.
55 Intimate Words from the Father

“Jewels For The Harvest” is a collection of “Words” from the Father received and recorded so that you, too, may experience an intimate dialogue with our beloved Creator. On this path you will find 55 precious “jewels” of revelation and wisdom given for those who desire to hear His voice. They will light your path and give you courage and direction. They will lead you to the “Secret Place” of the Most High. 

Cherish My Jewels “I am putting jewels in your heart. Cherish them.”

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25 quiz

Elijah Quiz

By David Magiera – 24 pages.
25 Multiple choice Scripture questions

Test your readiness to meet Jesus. Many today are becoming aware of the warnings and the promises given for these last days — the days of the harvest. Perhaps the greatest harvest promise of all is that of the rapture. It is for that reason that the Lord inspired this little quiz. It is designed to identify and illuminate the promises given in the Word of God.

The Elijah Quiz reveals a clear path to follow for those who desire to be ready for Jesus when He returns. May God richly bless you, fill your path with His light and prepare you as His bride.

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NEW Rapture

The Rapture Sculpture

By David Magiera

Symbolic sculpture featuring the “Bride of Christ” rising above the clouds at the moment of the rapture. She wears fine white linen with seven human figures emerging from her robe of righteousness. Contains over 20 symbolic elements. Available in two sizes.

Price – resin cast – 14” tall ……………………. $250

Price – resin cast – 37” tall ……………………. $1,200

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the rapture

The Rapture Symbolism

By David Magiera …. 10 pages.

This is a 10 page fully comprehensive study of The Rapture sculpture. Complete with indepth photos and over 200 Scriptures represented by the prophetic work of art. This prophetic work of art was conceived and sculpted in 1992.

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The Bridal Path

By David Magiera – 55 pages.

This handbook is new wine for the harvest. It reveals what the Lord said about the “last days” and speaks of His conditions — His promises and warnings — concerning His return. It gives a clear understanding of the parable of the “ten virgins,” the “talents” and the “vine and the branches.” These three parables illustrate the importance of the surrender of “self” and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It clarifies the warnings contained in the “letters to the seven churches” and shows how they apply to our lives today.

God is calling and the harvest is within our lifetiome! The soil on which you walk, and the words which you are about to hear, are going to help prepare you as His “bride.” God is preparing you for the wedding banquet of the Lamb. many believers think they are ready. Will you be dressed in wedding garments without “spot or wrinkle?” Will you be ready to rejoice and dance before the King of kings? Will you become as a “little child,” entering the kingdom in the fullness of His Spirit? This little book will show you the path to His kingdom.

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Keys to the kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

By David Magiera – 8 pages.

It is a time of great darkness. Christians become filled with compromise. The Light of Truth becomes a glowing ember, while the world becomes filled with its glittering lights and consuming pleasures. Jesus identifies this time of His return as “midnight.” It is a time of moral darkness: a time when the lust of the flesh and the pride of life has grown rampant in the world. It is a time when “believers” have left their first love and have forsaken the food for their Spirit, which is the Word of God.

It is midnight, the time of day when it is darkest. Does this not look like the world we live in today? Jesus is showing you that there is something you must receive in order to keep your “lamp” lit – or in fact, reignite it if it has gone out. Jesus is showing you that there is a Second Key, the Key of Surrender that brings the infilling of the Holy Spirit and fills your “jar” (your spirit). The wise virgins had the “Oil of His Presence.” The wise virgins were ushered into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Restoring The Tabernacle of David

The Tabernacle of David

By David Magiera – 5 pages.

God has promised to restore the Tabernacle of David and to establish the Mountain of the House of the Lord. He has promised to gather the nations and teach His paths before His return.

“In that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old.” (Amos 9:11)

Over the past 2,000 years, the world has softened the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For the most part, it has turned the church made of burning flames into buildings of slumbering, sleeping saints.

God has promised in His Word to bring us back to His paths in the last days. The pattern of the Tabernacle is now being manifest and made known to the people of God.

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One Flesh – Genesis 2:22-25

By David Magiera

SIZE: 15” tall

Cast in resin ………………………….. $295

Cast in bronze ……………………….. $1,700

One Flesh symbolizes God’s perfect union between a man and a woman: the union in marriage — a union in spirit, mind and body. The fruits of that union are love, peace, hope, harmony, unity, equality and a common goal. In a word, it symbolizes “oneness.” And like every marriage, it is a work in progress.

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one flesh



His Radiance Jewelry Designs

By David Magiera

For a period of time I actually produced a few of these wonderful designs in solid silver paste medium. By pressing the silver paste into special molds and then heating the casting at 2500 degrees, you can actually produce fairly elegant jewelry.

Six primary designs



Trumpet Call

The Trumpet Call – RELIEF

By David Magiera

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A vision of Jesus appearing in the clouds at the moment of the rapture. Angels blow the trumpet call as the dead “in” Christ and those who are still alive “in” Christ rise to meet Him in the clouds. Conceived and sculpted in 2012.

Framed in satin white: 26“ x 44” …………………… $1,200

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Bronzes Sculpture 

Sing a New Song

18” high, Solid Bronze, Geo-dimensional Guitar Player

by David Magiera

“Sing unto Him a new song: play skillfully with a loud noise. For the Word of the Lord is right; and all His works aredone in truth.” (Psalms 33: 1,3,4)

Ltd. Edition 3 of 90 ……… $8,500

Time To Dance

20” high, Solid Bronze – Geo-dimensional Dancer

by David Magiera

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born,and a time to die;… A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.”

(Ecclesiastes 3: 1,2,4)

Ltd. Edition 3 of 90……… $8,500

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The Trumpet Call

The Trumpet Call – PRINT

By David Magiera

A vision of Jesus appearing in the clouds at the moment of the rapture. Angels blow the trumpet call as the dead “in” Christ and those who are still alive “in” Christ rise to meet Him in the clouds. Conceived and sculpted in 2012 and finalized in 2016.


8.5 x 11 …………. $4

11 x 17 ……………$12

18 x 24 ………….. $49

24 x 36 ……………$59

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waiting on god

Finding God’s Mate

On November 27, 1976, I gave my life to Jesus and He proceeded to fill me with His Holy Spirit. I had no idea what was happened to me but His overwhelming presence was indescribable.

As the years passed, I began the difficult work of growing in Christ. During these early years, I was inspired to discover God’s talents and expand my vision. In 1998, after an extraordinary telephone encounter I moved to Texas and married Sheila. After the first few years, I encourage her to write our amazing love story. It is a remarkable writing with profound insights on how to find God’s mate for your life.

Waiting On God

A Supernatural Love Story – Sheila Magiera – 55 pages.

Beloved, are you ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb? My prayer for you is that you grow into a deep intimacy with Jesus and you come into a one flesh relationship with your earthly partner. God is coming back for a bride who is fighting, who knows the power of his/her God and walks in it, who understands that all our chastening in the end yields the fruit of righteousness. God chastens us for our good that we may be partakers of His holiness. This bride is one who says, “Come, Lord Jesus. I am ready because You have trained me to reign.”

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Song of Solomon Giclee Print

By David Magiera

11 x 17 ……………………………… $175

18 x 24 ……………………………… $245

24 x 36 ……………………………… $350

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This is a continuation of thought expressed in a mixed media painting. This impressionistic form of art has an element of emotion mixed into the dynamic colors.

This prophetic work on canvas was created in the year 1994.



David Magiera is the artist, author, sculptor, song writer, graphic designer, architectural model builder and founder of Bride of Christ Ministries.

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