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About David Magiera

There was no altar call, just a broken man praying to God on his knees in his home, surrendering his life to Jesus while the love of Jesus poured into his empty heart.

It was absolutely indescribable! In that moment, Jesus came into me and filled me with His Spirit. It was the most incredible feeling of peace and joy that anyone could possibly experience. And His overflowing presence consumed me for nearly six months! Only later did I learn from Christian believers what had happened to me. I learned that I had been “born again” and filled with the Holy Spirit. Then on November 27, 1979, exactly three years to the day of my extraordinary conversion, the Father began speaking into my life. “The time has come that I am no longer a ‘still, small voice,’” He told me in the beginning.

Over the next thirty-five years, the intimate communications, revelations and artistic inspirations would begin to manifest. Ultimately, they would come together as a message from the Father for the harvest… the message of Bride of Christ Ministries. In 1980 these words were spoken: “Make your days a path to follow—and follow the signs that are so clearly given.”

In this anointed atmosphere you will find true intimacy with your Maker, the Father of Creation, the Giver of Eternal Life; the intimacy you were created for. It is a path to follow. It is His gift to you.


Since its inception in 1998, Bride of Christ Ministries online presence has touched tens of thousands of lives in more than 40 countries around the world. With my wife Sheila at my side, covering us in prayer, and with the remarkable technical know-how of Chris, our webmaster, the Father has inspired this website for the preparation of the harvest. The trumpeting angels, the sublime image of Jesus, the photography and all the website graphics were produced through my hands. Chris masterfully integrated the visions and revelations onto the world-wide-web.

Bride of Christ Ministries is founded on the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. It is founded on His Word, the Holy Bible, and the promises given to those who love and obey Him. It is founded on the awesome reality of being “born again” and “filled with the Spirit!” There is no other reality that surpasses the presence and intimacy of the Lord — our Creator God!

Upon these truths we walk and work with the Holy Spirit as our Guide. We are called to enter and live in the kingdom of God. We are called to become as “little children” (Matthew 18:3) and walk humbly before our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are called to walk by faith and not by sight, with our eyes fixed upon Jesus – “the maker and finisher of our faith.” We are called to live our lives to the fullest, using all the talents available – for His glory! – David Magiera

Creative Biography

As far back as I can remember, I have been motivated to create new ideas and figure out a way to make them. God has allowed me to express my creative energy in some unusual and unique product ideas. Many did not succeed, but some produced a modicum of success. Underlying it all was the training in persistence, perseverance and faith. God said, “I am your talent — all is for Me and I am all.” These words, mixed with His talents and my desire to obey His leading, are what I bring to the table of ministry in these last days before the harvest. – D. Magiera


1976 – “Call It!” A family game

In 1976, I invented “call dice” and a game that made them a lot of fun for the whole family… I called my game “Struggle!” — Ideal Toy changed the name to “Call-It!”

I received patents on the “call dice” along with several other game ideas. That year I also had the good fortune of meeting a man named Abe Mor who was a game rep from Tel Aviv, Israel. He traveled the world and sold ideas to toy companies.

By 1978, my “call dice” game was produced in France under the name “Le Pari” by Jeau Nathan Toy Company and in the USA by Ideal Toy Company. Ideal changed the name to “Call-It!”


1989 – Created Computer Animations

I was married with four children and was desperate for income.  I talked my way into a company that was creating some of the first interactive computer learning programs produced for elementary school children.  I was horrified with the prospect of creating animations on the computer.  I had never used a computer before – and certainly had never illustrated with a computer mouse – it felt like sliding a brick around in my hand!

Now, after all these years, I can see that God puts many of His children into hard places so that they will grow.


1990 – “Song and Dance of Elijah” fine art sculptures

In 1990, I began to express my creative talents in the area of fine art sculpture. “Dance of Elijah” and “Song of Elijah” are limited edition bronze figures sculpted in a style I call “geometric symmetry.” They are an expression of form, fluidity and motion replete with balance and harmony. These sculptures are still available for acquisition.  In 1991, I created companion mixed media giclee prints titled “Ravished My Heart” and “Time to Dance.”


1992 – “The Rapture” – A Prophetic Sculpture

In 1992, I had a vision of the “rapture” in the form of a beautiful woman representing the bride, rising into the clouds wearing a long white robe. In the months and years that followed, I was compelled to manifest the vision in three sculpture sizes: 21″, 37″ and a monumental 10 1/2 ft. tall edition.

See the Sculpture

1997 – The Thoracic Back Adjuster

At the age of 30, I caused a severe injury to my spine.  Over the next 20 years, it grew worse. I ended up visiting a chiropractor – sometimes 3 times a week!  In 1997, I got an inspiration to  re-create the chiropractor’s pressure points for my back.  Thus, the Thoracic BackAdjuster was invented.  My spine is now healed and I haven’t needed a chiropractor for over 17 years. Thank you, Father!


1998 – “The Wedding of The Lamb” Song

On May 24, 1998, while singing “in the Spirit” and worshiping the Lord, a melody, chorus and the first of 40 lines of lyrics (all arriving in rhyme) began to flow into my mind. I began writing a song I knew was a message from Heaven. The entire 40 lines of lyrics, melody and chorus was completed in just 3 days. I knew that something extraordinary had happened!

Listen to the Song

1999 – Prophetic Dance Ministry

Not long after I finished writing and producing “The Wedding of The Lamb,” I got the profound idea that someone should be dancing – prophetically – to the song when it was being used in a Christian ministry event. I immediately said to Sheila, “You need to be dancing to the song.”

Sheila agreed, however, the Lord impressed upon my spirit that that idea was incomplete and that there must be a man and a woman dancing to the song because the “bride of Christ” is made up of both men and women. Sheila looked back at me and said, “Well, you’re the man!”


2000 – “The Bridal Path” Handbook

When Jesus comes for His bride will He find you prepared a “wise virgin?” This little handbook is the result of twelve years of journaling — most of it was written during many of life’s painful trials and difficult testings. It wasn’t until a 40 day fast in 2000, that the book received an edit which brought new clarity and revelation to the writing. The Bridal Path is a guide to entering the Kingdom of God and experiencing His presence.

Read the Bridal Path Online

2002 – Dove Homes of Texas

In 2002, God inspired me to partner-up with a young framing contractor to build homes. We built affordable and luxury custom homes under the name Dove Homes of Texas.  Sheila manned the books while I grew into a home builder/designer. The learning curve was challenging, but God was faithful.

Over a period of five years, I learned how to build, market and design quality homes.  We built and sold over 30 homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our homes were trademarked with a radiant dove made of cast stone cemented above each entry door.


2008 – Fabulous Firepits

In 2008, I rented a warehouse, ordered a pallet of bricks and cement and began to explore brick-laying. In the process, I developed a unique firepit which precipitated creating an entertaining line of elevated, rotatable, hands-free skewers designed for the BBQ grill — and my “Skewers in the Round” patio firepit.

I sculpted and created production molds for a variety of Skewer handle designs included the Mustang, Longhorn, Bass, Lobster, Master Chef, Dolphin, US Cavalry, Angel Wings, French Curve and Simply Elegant. Skewer holder is engineered with three (3) locking positions which work with each FireSkewer handle.


2009 – Flaming Skewers Company

In January of 2009, I received a call from Holland America Cruise Line. They had visited my Fabulous Firepits website and asked if I would be willing to develop a product for their Pinnacle Grill fine dining restaurants aboard their cruise ships. They wanted an elegant way to flambé shishkebob entrees at the dining table.

In the fall of 2009, Holland America ordered Flaming Skewer Ensembles for all 15 Pinnacle Grill Restaurants aboard their ships. By 2010, guests aboard Holland America were being served Flaming Skewers and enjoying an extraordinary culinary experience.


2010 – “His Radiance” Jewelry Designs

For a brief period I ventured into the creation and production of jewelry, primarily pendants, made of pure silver. The process is quite easy with the development of a form of pure silver which is made into a thick putty-like material. After the putty is pressed into a casting form, it is fired at 2,500 degrees for 1 hour. The result is a solid, .999 pure silver piece of jewelry.

Only a few of the designs shown here were ever produced. It is my prayer that one day they will find their way into a proper production house.


2011 – “The Trumpet Call” Sculpture Relief

In 2012, “The Trumpet Call” relief sculpture was created. The upper portion of the relief shows Jesus looking down with open arms upon His beloved bride… she, that is we, are rising into the clouds to meet Him in the air.. His nail-pierced hands are a reminder of His love for us. They remind us of the horrific price he paid – beaten and nailed to a cross. He paid in full the price of sin for all who receive Him as Lord and Savior, for all who surrender their life to Him and follow Him. The Trumpet Call relief is 24″ x 36″ x 6″ depth.


2012 – Armored Closet Tornado Shelters & Safe Rooms

After several tornados came roaring through our area – one, just blocks from our house – Sheila asked me to look into acquiring a tornado shelter for our home. After exhaustive web searches, I wasn’t satisfied with the options available, so I created a tornado shelter that could be engineered into a closet – not one stuck in the garage or buried in the yard. Thus, the ArmoredCloset Safe Room and Tornado Shelter company was born… the most revolutionary product to come to the home building industry in decades!

Visit www.armoredcloset.com!

2014 – “The Trumpet Call” Color Print

“In 1979, the Lord manifested a call on my life to prepare a path for the harvest. In 2014, this prophetic image came to life This amazing image of the rapture, which was first created in sculpture, is part of that call. When you look into the full-size 24 x 36 image, you will feel like you are actually there. It is breathtaking!”

See the Trumpet Call

2013 – Created The Elijah Quiz
Last Days Harvest Quiz

Quiz Booklet contains 25 Scripture questions with multiple-choice questions and answers with scriptures. Are you ready for the rapture? Take the “Elijah Quiz” and find out if you are ready to meet Jesus when God sounds the trumpet call of the rapture. This is a simple yet challenging little multiple-choice quiz that everyone will enjoy taking.

Take the Elijah Quiz Online

2014 – His Secret Place

54 Intimate Words from the Father

“FIND THE CONNECTION … because the connection is there. I have laid in front of you, very close to you, many opportunities for you to receive My blessings. I have blessings for all of you, which will come from remote places, from diverse places. I have set a plan. I have put steps before you to climb, from which you could reach,from which you will be able to do things you were not able to do before. And this is Me talking.

Read His Secret Place

2014 – The Mount Zion Manifesto
In 2014 I finished the presentation of the Mount Zion Worship Center. The vision I had in 1980, and the subsequent revelation received in 2000, inspired me to build the 1/2″ scale model of the Mount Zion Worship Center. It took nearly a year of labor to complete. In January of 2015, I finished the website presentation which features the Mount Zion Hall of Warriors Membership and the 49″ wide panoramic brochure.

Visit www.MtZion.us

2016 – Launched the New BrideofChrist.com
BrideofChrist.com originally launched in 2000 and we have been working on it ever since.  As we saw more of our visitors coming to us from mobile devices and noticed a change in how information is presented on the Internet, we decided to reconstruct our site from the ground up.  And that’s where you are right now!