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Prophetic Sculpture titled “The Rapture” by David Magiera

In 1992, I saw a beautiful woman representing the Bride of Christ rising above the clouds
wearing a long white robe. As I pondered my vision, I was compelled to manifest it as a
sculpture. Within a year, “The Rapture” sculpture was created.

The Symbolism

The figure you see with her feet rising above the clouds at the moment of the RAPTURE, represents the Church. She symbolizes the BRIDE OF CHRIST. (Rev. 19:7) The bride is clothed in the garments of salvation, FINE WHITE LINEN which is symbolic of being “born again” (John 3:3); the bride is also arrayed in a ROBE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is symbolic of being “filled with the Spirit.”(John 3:5) “For God hath clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness.” (Isaiah 61:10; 49:18)

 Her long flowing hair – ablaze in the wind – represents the Glory (1 Cor. 11:15). The billowing full shoulders symbolize the abundant Grace of God; the upper cape symbolizes His covering of Truth; the lower cape symbolizes His covering of Justice. Her hands are poised in reverence and adoration for the Lamb of God – our Bridegroom.

 The figures which appear in the upper portion of the robe have their eyes closed; they symbolize the “dead in Christ” who will rise first. The figures in the lower portion have their eyes open; they symbolize those in Christ who will “still be alive” when the Lord comes for His bride. (1 Thes.4:16,17) They represent those who are LOOKING FOR HIS COMING! (Heb. 9:28)

The Seven Churches

Emerging from the folds of the robe, symbolically showing they are “in” Christ, are seven human figures representing His Church. Their names are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. (Rev.Ch. 2&3) They also represent the seven letters to the churches of Asia and remind us of the warnings and conditions given by Jesus to prepare His “bride” for His coming.

A brooch and sash secure the robe to the bride. On the face of the brooch is embossed the cross of Calvary, the Cross of our Salvation. At the base appears a crest of olive leaves, symbolizing Christ’s victory over Satan, His eternal peace and the union of Jews and Gentiles. Upon the cross rests an image of a Dove, the symbol of the HOLY SPIRIT – our Teacher and Comforter… and engraved down the length of the sash are the words of our Lord: “I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA,” the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 22:13)

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14” resin cast edition …………….. $199

37” resin cast edition …………….. $1,200

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