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The Elijah Quiz


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Have some fun with family and friends, see who scores best on the Elijah Quiz. A perfect score is 196 points. This is a fun way to discover your Scripture awareness while learning what the Lord said about His return.

This 25 question quiz — with multiple-choice answers — is a simple yet challenging little test. Some of the questions have more than one correct answer. The challenge is to check only those answers which are correct to achieve a good score.

Everyone will enjoy taking the Elijah Quiz and comparing their results. Perfect for friends, family and Bible study groups. We are living in a time of great prophetic fulfillment and many are being made aware of the warnings and the promises given for these last days — the days of God’s harvest of souls. Perhaps the greatest harvest promise of all is that of the rapture. It is for that reason that the Lord inspired this little quiz. It is designed to identify and illuminate the promises God has given in the Bible.

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