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Waiting On God


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A Supernatural Love Story by Sheila Magiera

Waiting On God is a supernatural love story, exhortation and teaching on finding God’s will for your life. Through the telling of her story, Sheila reveals what the Scripture says about patience, perseverance and trusting in the Almighty in the midst of impossible circumstances. Finding God’s choice for marriage is a large part of finding God’s perfect will. These truths and promises are given for every marriage – future and present.

God intended for every one of us to have and enjoy a “one flesh” Relationship–a relationship promised in Genesis 2:24.

But the promise is profoundly greater than we have believed. God intended for man to know the same “oneness” in each other as we would have in Him… one heart, one breath, one life with one voice — sharing the heart of Jesus — walking one path, hand in hand, for the glory of God, the Father of Creation.

You will vicariously live out the incredible – and supernatural – journey which brought these two people together. And as you do, you will learn the truths which made it manifest.

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